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Clash Of Clans is a hit multiplayer game developed and published by SuperCell. It is a video game company based in Helsinki, Finland.The game is popular among children of all ages . It is present in both Android and iOS platform. It is a free game but there is an InApp purchase option available in the app itself , as it allows some game items to be bought directly.

The concept of the game is that the player has to build his village by collaborating with other players online and raise his army to fight others and defeat them. A player can build his own Clan by using his friend connections or you can also join other Clans . Each win earns player gold and elixir , to upgrade his defense and raise his troops.

The game was first launched in iOS platform in 2012 . It introduced its Android version in October 2013 . Since then, it is constantly entertaining its users resulting in gaining position in top played games all over the world.They have came with new versions time to time , understanding and keeping in view of market trends and the change there users are wanting .You will find many clash of clans cheats on internet . Most of them are scams , so beware of them . Those which are not, using them will likely end you up with nothing, as SuperCell is taking strict actions against them and that is the reason for their short interval updates to counter such hacks. They also nullify profiles of people , who are involved in such efforts. People offering Clash Of Clan hacks are 99.99 % scams. Offering such hack on server games can greatly destroy company’s reputation and revenue and that is the reason , server games have high level of security associated with them . As far as SuperCell is concerned, Clash of Clans and the other products of the company helpedSuperCell in generating the revenue of 1.7 billion US dollars last year through their inApp purchase. Most of the clash of clans hack tool demands personal information from user, in order to get the hack done . By filling up that information of your account, you are actually exposing yourself , to them.

The one of the major reason for the game’s popularity is its graphics and designing concept too. It was its Barbarian mustache army that became game trademark. The more you upgrade your level by beating other Clans, the more you are able to enjoy the perks and bonuses of level up in game. InApp purchase allows people to buy elixir and gold, helping people to build better attack and defense beyond their level capacity.



The application for Facebook Dragon City and operating systems Android and iOS aims to make the user a Master of Dragons. Or rather, a creator of dragons to battle, calling you would like. Here you will cause births and will cross species of dragons. The user can create up to 150 different versions of dragons, just to cross a dragon of a certain race and another of a different race and wait for the egg shock to see in what manner this dragon has become. Moreover the user must take care of their species. They do not eat whatever appears ahead of them, that’s why you have to build farms to produce specific food for each dragon.


There are actions in the application that will take longer than others, as is normal in almost all games, especially on Facebook. However, like others too, like: Village Life and Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood, the user also has the possibility of speeding up the process. In terms of style the application will not stand out too much from others, however, who does not like to treat and care for a species which never saw in my life, except in tales and legends? Yeah, here you can trigger the birth and see them grow; can be a real father to these dragons.


  • Develop and enhance a marvellous floating monster town. Hatch eggs to find out new variety of dragons.
  • Develop a town with structures that are spectacular that other people may envy.
  • Endless fun with hundreds of tasks and mission to complete.
  • Obtain a total assortment of over 100 various kinds of dragons.
  • Enjoy the stunning animated graphics ever.
  • Fight against thousands of online players and show the power of their dragons.
  • Feed, grow and train your dragon for fight.
  • Reproduce and combine 10 types of dragons (Earth, Flame, Sea, Nature, Electric, Ice, Metallic, Dark, Legendary and Pure) and get more and more hybrids.
  • Modify your monster group and participate with competitors from all around the globe in fight.
  • Show yourself like a perfect monster master.
  • Contact and invite your friends on Facebook to play the game and share gifts.

How to play Dragon City

Early in the game, the great God, Master of Dragons will teach you how to do basic actions; a kind of tutorial that will end a few minutes after you start playing. After the user has only to follow the tasks that is to your left of the game screen. In addition to the targets, the user can still click the icon that God is on the left to see all of your goals. Within its goals, the user will have to build specific habitats for each species. They are born as part of their habitat, for example: water, earth and fire. Some species are more exotic than others, but the breeding is done with the elements we know. Then you must purchase and hatch eggs, feed their dragons so they grow faster and better for many users: make your dragons fight against other dragons, those of other users.

There is no specific story that makes sense to have the incentive to progress, unless the user actually earns cash and other rewards to their actions. Or to try to fill the Book of Dragons, with 159 species that exist in the game. The order also requires the user to try to collect the gold. It is offered as a reward after you have completed one of its tasks, including: clearing vegetation from the playing area, build farms, breed different races, among others. The user can still collect gold from their habitats from time to time.